Blast In Turbigo


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released April 22, 2017

Songs written by:

Recorded by:
Andrea Ramponi
Alessio Di Moro
APITS Studio
Malvaglio (MI) - Italy

Mixed & Mastered by:
Gustav Brunn | GG All In Audio
GULA Studio
Malmö - Sweden


tags: punk rock Milan


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LINEOUT Milan, Italy

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Track Name: I hate
I hate my self
When i trust the counts
I hate the fake scene and the shit all around
I hate the well dressed
that pray to the cross
and then send away refugees from their homes
This city is burning in the flames of hell
The blast will come and we don’t forget
i hate the one
that give up easily
i hate when we don’t react to injustices
i hate the shit
that nazis counts speak
a shame for the deaths, really hard to believe
I hate my self
It took so much time
to break the silence of this ignorance town
interests and crimes
soon you will die
you can’t escape from the blast of my mind
Track Name: Padregnana is not a crime
I’m feeling more than oblied
This city is a jail
Its ghosts want my body
My soul is chocking within
The emptiness is real
This avenue speaks death
The only ones surviving
Are the guardians of the square
I broken up my mind
i burst into tears
i fought all my fears
it demonized me
Track Name: Marcallo is shit!
Twenty-six but you don’t have an excuse
Nothing in your hand, no i’ve nothing to prove
The sound of the biggest failure in my life
What is wrong with me?
And i try, i try to find a real job
Not to waste my days
But it’s knocking out my head again
Another saturday, another shitty night
Another saturday, here in the dead city
Another saturday, another shitty night
Another saturday, running away from here
You put your efforts your soul and it was not enough
You took the wrong way to the end from the start
But there’s always a part of me that never wins
How i could be wrong?

And i try, i try to fight the real world
Give a sense to these days
But it’s knocking out my head again
Track Name: Arbusta knife fight
You gonna say!
Make me confused!
The taste of blood!
A bunch of fools!
Get annihilated!
It’s grass!
What a mess!
I can give you all my rage,
they can’t bring me down with you.
You can give me all your tears,
These no matter for your crew.
A police fight!
We’re the pest!
I really don’t think!
Knife fights with us!
No place for they!
Black whitening in grey!
Track Name: Streets of Borsano
I came from the deepest part of your soul
I’m the fear, the pain, the time
The evils, this world is spreading
I’m scared, for the first time, to die
Please, my dear, hold my hand
These streets are darker than my soul
No Love, no Tears, only evils
Will guide our bones till home
Deeper than my deepest fears
I escaped from what i’ve been
And no it can’t, now this place can’t be real
Dying faces down the hill
A damned river to full fill
The hate and fears
The hate and fears
Track Name: Do the wrong thing
I crack-up into this city
before the friends of mine.
I’m crying on these feelings,
where the truthful has no price.
I’ve got some private secrets
they’ve been lost tonight.
I’m stuck up in the middle,
where the ronson is blessed by light!
Everything is alright!
‘cause i know
tell me creepy things that i never heard
make me heavy!
Around the corners deepness
the town looks bright and loud,
by the wolfpack has been hidden
magic tricks to save the crowds.
Many thoughts that i carry on my back,
‘cause i know
they give fake excuses, endless mercy,
ruth and glory!
Take me to the war, kill me on the front.
Take me to your lord, pay them any more.
“make me heavy, waxy and full of lies!
Track Name: The Church is burning down
For all the time and all the abuses that i endured
Try to image a boy growing in an arid-zone
Complained and blamed for thinking out of scheme
You wish our death sinking in your fears
No we rise, from fires to flames from ashes to life
No we rise, and you can just watch your church is burning down