"VOLUME UP​!​" EP 2012


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released January 10, 2012

Released 1st September 2012
Produced e mixed by Larsen Premoli and LINEOUT at Rec Lab studio, Buccinasco (MI), Italy
Mastered by Larsen Premoli, Rec Lab Studio.
Artwork by Simone De Vivo



all rights reserved


LINEOUT Milan, Italy

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Track Name: B.I.O.
i don’t care
what people think of me
what (they) say about me
behind my shoulders
that are words i can’t remind

and will be only you and me
on the stage
you’re lieing at your self

but you think that a chich wear
is the key to obtain more success

RIT: You are thousand miles far away from me
you wanna keep this scene, but i don’t think so
every single day, every steps, you pretend
every words you say behind my shoulders
that are words i can’t remind

you and me will be free
Track Name: Arold
It’s all the same
And you never change
And you never could forget the past, is all you’ve done

You gotta forget
You gotta forget that all
That all is gone
And now no i don’t know
How go out at all

One more time for me because your life will never end
Screaming up
Scream so lauder
You have to see the Eifell tower
Be pride
Of what you’ve done

i’m always on my own!
Track Name: There is a time
The vacuum that these days leaves
The insecurities are chaining (to) me
And now i’m not sure of what will be
Everything seems so hard
There is an highway on my way

(i’m freaking out)

There is a time that everything seems so wrong
There is a time that every wall’s unbreakable
There is a time that every efforts are useless
You have to take it all


No one understand how i feel
How everything it’s going bad (no one knows)
That i put
In this
Every piece of me
Please understand
Track Name: Welcome Into The House
i can’t no longer accept
the way that everything turns
the way that everything is falling to the ground
the way our politicians are joking with ourself
the way in wich nobody have respect

we live in a wonderful place you don’t know
there’re no possibilities for us
and if you have a dream you better forget about it
believe or rest without to leave this game

RIT: it’s better lose
than stay alive
and be a part (of it)
welcome into the house
or live a day
than an whole life
and be a part (of it)
welcome into the house
and if you wanna know the truth
you’re wasting time
welcome...into the house

can you remind
the last time that everything
was going well?
Track Name: Put Up Your Hands Up
You are the only one
who could change this heart
you are the one i’m spending the night (with)
instead everytime
i make the same mistake
no more parties without her

for a while i want to go outside
for a while i want to see nothing else in my eyes

Put up your hands up
to turn (the) lights into fires
be quiete
right now
i need to say good bye